Saturday, 27 August 2011

yeah! i guess i noticed that i replied to her and she dragged me out the toilet and pointed me to this heavenly looking guy! eyes were greenish blue and his smile was like he was smirking and above all he was ruggedly handsome and Jill being Jill pulled me towards his locker and to him she said,"hey mike, this is my cousin her name is Jewel" and he said ,"cool nice meeting you i'm Mike" and as he reached out his hand so did i and as i was just completely blown off after talking to him for 3 minutes even though i never understood a word because i was just constantly staring at his face it was heavenly and then his closed his locker and as he was shutting the door i noticed a picture of him and a girl and i was shocked that my cousin would introduce me to a guy who has a girl friend as i was furious and pissed i turned behind and all i could see was a cat running by and she wasn't's over and i walked towards her car and she was making out with him i mean John and i was totally grossed out and so i didn't care and i turned on the radio and she was acting like i was retard and she said,"will you turn that off please! now!" and i said,"how about we go? home? no?' okay i guess i'll walk and as i was walking clutching tightly to my bag because it was freezing cold Mike came and told me that he'd drop me off at Jill's place i had no other choice so agreed and i didn't even make eye contact with him because it would be weird so he stopped his impala outside the house and i said thank you to him and he left.whoa that was a relief and i just realized that Jill had the keys and i had to wit out in the lawn and as i stepped in the backyard the sprinklers went on and there i was drenched and cold and runny nosed and finally after and hour of waiting for her to come she called me and told me that she wasn't going to reach home in time and that she will send the keys through Sean and i said alright i'll wait for a little while and her friend Sean came and gave me the keys and told me that he'd make tea and meanwhile i could get dressed so i ran up stairs and wore a black top and he made some tea, it was green and icky and i had to gargle my mouth 7 times because it was horrific and he said he was sorry and he told me that he had to go and he left and Jill came back and made me supper.

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