Sunday, 14 August 2011

The unknown never dies

today was the beginning of the school year, so i didn't want to be late. i was new in town no one knew me ,so i'm practically the outsider.i just knew a couple of people,my cousins.they picks me up in their black S.U.V and drove me to school. Knighteley High, the only school in Knighteley.shocker... My neurotic cousin,Jillian was driving me crazy and it had only been a day since I've been in this town.well her parents aren't there, i mean they are dead so she lives alone and that's why i moved here. that was a bad decision now i that i realize it my hair-brained sister wouldn't let me go and somewhere in my heart i feel really bad for her. her parents dead,no boyfriend, no friends, god! that's the life.after a millions thought about me having any chances of surviving in this town were clouding me we reached the school. it was really huge from what i expected,it was beautiful.the weather was damp,as usual and slightly drizzling and i was in total shock when Jill was surrounded by a flock of people talking to her. was it a miracle? i asked to myself or did she lie to me? because when she told me she didn't have friends i believed her,i mean who would like to have her around for more than a while! she then pulled me close and old me to act normal and all i said was "urgghh". she told everyone that i was her cousin and i came here to live with her and as everyone's head turned towards me i smiled the creepiest way anyone could smile and as everyone were probably wondering if i'm an alien i pretty much e embarrassed me more! as i was giggling to myself i fell on the ground tripping over a stone and all the kids laughed.What a great entrance huh?. School was all right but there was this one thing i never quite understood why would Jill lie about having friends anyway she took me to the wash room and told me that she knew this guy and he was super hot and he plays football and she even asked me if she could introduce him to me. I was in total amusement.I laughed.I told her "you want to introduce me to boys? do you have a boyfriend anyway?" i said sarcastically chuckling as i was saying the sentence to which she replied "are you kidding me? i date the most hottest guy in school" she said with a catty voice. 

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